Why Fatcow is better than other Hostings?

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Fat Cow hosting is one amongst actuality leaders in their field. Having been in business since 1998, they have helped tens of thousands of consumers build a real on-line presence. As a prime rated hosting supplier, they supply outstanding client support and variety of options which is able to charm to beginners and seasoned internet players alike.

You will find everything easy to use and no complicated pricing structures here. This is also one of the few providers that does not seek to impose unnecessary limitations on you and your site.

Hosting Features:

Space Offered: Lots Marketing Credits ($): $100 Adwords, $50 FaceBook, $25 Yahoo/Bing, Free YellowPages.com Listing
Bandwidth Offered: Lots Website Builder: Yes
Domains Offered: Unlimited (1 free) Extra Web Building Tools: Templates
FTP Accounts: Yes Website Stat Tools: Google Webmaster Tools, Web Analytics Tools
MySQL Databases Offered: Unlimited SEO Tools: Integrated Google Custom Search
Control Panel: Yes (Custom) Other Extras: Additional Scripts, WordPress
E-Mail Options Offered: Unlimited Accounts, Spam Filtering, Newsletter Manager Tools, Constant Contact (60 day free trial) Other Extras: Joomla, Forums, Domain Pointing
Up-Time/Guarantee: 99.9% Other Extras: Affiliate and Referral Programs


For starters, every client is offered a free domain name. you’ll even have a limiteless range of add-on and sub-domains out there with this set up. whereas it’s shared hosting, FatCow goes out of its thanks to make sure that each client has enough space and information measure. there’s even a 30-day a refund guarantee. This set up offers everything that’s required to induce started on-line, together with unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, internet building tools, SEO tools and even a superior ninety nine.9% up-time guarantee. The board may be a custom, proprietary version which could take some obtaining used to, however is incredibly simple to use and powerful.

Rather than providing a good vary of confusing and complex plans, Fat Cow merely offers one level for everybody. this suggests that you simply can receive the total vary of options and tools offered. The advertising credits ar a pleasant approach of obtaining started selling and promoting your website for complimentary. For e-commerce outlets, having associate degree integrated go-cart and shared SSL certificate conjointly means you’ll begin creating sales directly. Of course, all of this can be insured by top quality client service and glorious website security.

Pricing Concerns:

Fat Cow features a terribly distinctive methodology of valuation for his or her hosting set up. they are doing not limit you to a group quantity of space for storing and information measure. Rather, they make a case for that ninety nine.95% of all customers can have enough house and information transfer. For a traditional business website, this suggests that there’s over enough. The low worth of simply $56 a year is simply the icing on the cake. There ar numerous free services enclosed (you would pay a reasonably penny for them at the most alternative sites) that the worth offered here is crystal clear.

Customer Support:

One of the hallmarks of FatCow is their glorious client service. this can be evident within the range of how within which you’ll approach the corporate and have your issues self-addressed. For starters, you will contact the corporate at any time of the day or night. this could be done through email, the phonephone or an internet chat. The workers is useful,friendly and knowledgeable.

There are variety of useful resources on the location. This includes a useful commonly asked question section and even variety of on-line tutorials. they’re each remarkably thorough and useful.


The backbone of any nice internet host is their standards of dependableness. FatCow offers a ninety nine.9% up-time guarantee, making certain that your website are accessible by each your customers and guests. you’ll conjointly realize {a range|variety} of normal options like the unlimited number of MySQL databases that solely appear to be offered by top quality and reliable internet hosts.

The servers themselves are an enormous issue once considering the dependableness of an internet host. Knowing that your information are hold on on technologically advanced instrumentality and servers, utilizing daily back-ups and a back-up generator ought to create anyone feel a lot of safe and secure.

Ease of Use:

FatCow is incredibly simple to use and manage. the net statistics reports ar an enormous facilitate and also the custom board makes it simple to feature files and extremely management your website. the net building tools conjointly create it straightforward to line up your website, albeit you are doing not have any technical expertise.

Bottom Line:

FatCow may be a nice on-line host. They have powerful and easy-to-use options, nice client service and a really simple and straightforward valuation set up.

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Refli Hide Clickbank links

This plugin adds ability to instantly shorten any clickbank links, hop links within your post, pages then stores it
in the database, to make it easier for users to recall and share it with friends and readers, it can also be used to hide your other referral links by simpling puting refli short codes to shorten any external link in post.

To enableand view the Short link of current page or post use the following shortcode on post, page or sidebar widget:


[ refli-url ]

To quickly shorten any External URL within post use the following short code:

Example: taking Click Hop Link as extrnal link, then

[ refli-url u=”http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net” ]

[ refli-url u=”http://fe258gm8ofrfe5eivlrl-8vsck.hop.clickbank.net” ]
[refli-url u=”http://fe258gm8ofrfe5eivlrl-8vsck.hop.clickbank.net”]
Refli Chrome Extension

Quickly Shorten any link without leaving site just by clicking the extension, then copy your shortlink
Download it here

Javascript plugin is coming soon which will shorten all external links in website page.

Report links

Instantly report any suspicious, spam, malware link to refli directly for removal ref.li/report.php

Get Shortend! Thousands of Unique Custom Shortlinks are available on ref.li Get them before someone does.

== Installation ==


1. Upload the `refli-short-urls` folder to `/wp-content/plugins/`.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3. In the blog post edit window using Button “Get shortlink” to get short link of this post.


1. Goto Dasboard Plugin click ‘Add New’ search for ‘WP URLs shorten’ .
2. Click Install.
3. Activate Plugin.

== Screenshots ==

1. The Get Shortlink button in Post Editor screenshot-1.png
2. Refli Second screenshot-2.png

== Changelog ==

= 0.5 =
* Added Shortcode functionality, instantly shorten external links using shortcode.

= 0.2 =
* Fix bug in call to undefined function.

= 0.1 =

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How do I use the refli_show_url() function? =
This function can be used in your theme files. For example, we echo refli_show_url() in post.php and this will show “http://ref.li/123″.

= How to use shortcode? =
In your post editor placing [refli-url] will show your current post short link.

= How to shorten External links in the posts? =
External links can be shorten using shortcode such as [refli-url u=”http://external.link”].

= How to shorten All External links in the page? =
Right now this feature is not available but javascript plugins will be available soon.

= How to create custom shortlink? =
This feature is not avialable yet in the plugin but this can be done using API http://ref.li/api-about.php

== Upgrade Notice ==
= None. =



[SOLVED] WordPress 3.6 and jQuery.BlockUI Version problem

I saw that many people have been having some issues with jQuery.BlockUI versions after upgrading to WordPress 3.6. So did I. Having looked into it, this is what I discovered (and fixed) in my setup.

1. WordPress 3.6 uses the newer (latest) version of jQuery, which is 1.10.2.

2. Lots of plugins use a function call jQuery.BlockUI which requires jQuery 1.2.3 or above.

3. Now, 1.10 IS higher than 1.2, but older versions of the jQuery.BlockUI code used by plugins have a little ‘buglet’ – the code tests for versions BUT drops the trailing ‘0’, so instead of asking is 1.10 greater than 1.2, it tests if 1.1 is greater than 1.2, and so it fails.

4. This is NOT a WordPress problem – WordPress 3.6 merely uses the latest version of jQuery. Previous versions up to 1.9 would obviously pass the buggy test in jQuery.BlockUI code.

5. The answer is NOT to downgrade jQuery in WordPress. Well – that might work, but don’t do it!

6. The answer is to get your PLUGIN provider to update their plugin.

7. My plugin used a file called wf-an-jqery-plugins.js. Inside that file was a chunk of jQery.BlockUI code that said it was v2.39.

8. I went to the following link for the latest jQuery.BlockUI code (v2.64) and then just replaced the v2.39 code in that plugin file with the code from this link. Hey presto, it all works again: http://malsup.github.io/jquery.blockUI.js

9. So, folks, find out which plugins you have that are using OLDER jQuery.Block UI code and have your plugin provider update it – and in the meantime if you understood what I wrote above, perhaps you can fix your plugin(s) yourself.

I hope this helps.