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Syntax Highlighter for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

About Syntax Highlighter for Visual Composer Syntax Highlighter for Visual Composer is a premium multi-purpose plugin for easily post syntax-highlighted code without losing formatting. Supported Languages HTML mixed-mode(CSS+JavaScript), CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Markdown, GitHub-flavour, LESS,Sass, PHP Mixed, PHP,Ruby, Perl, XML/HTML, Python, C, C++, C#, Java, APL, Asterisk dialplan, Scala, Clojure, COBOL, Common Lisp, Cypher, D, diff, […]

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Woocommerce Sold Out Badge (WooCommerce)

Create Sold Out Badge for your Woocommerce Store Backed Configure Sold Out Badge Display options for Single Product Display options for Catalog View Custom Text Badge Text Custom Color Background Custom Color Preset Badge Images Custom Badge Image Live Preview Color Picker Easy Positioning – via Drag and Drop Easy Full control via manual input […]

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BloodBank – Online Blood Donation Management (Miscellaneous)

Online Blood Donation Management System involves the Donor information system, Acceptor information system, statistics information system and Blood Group nformation system. Features Responsive Layout Blood Group Management Blood Donor Management Blood Request Management Donor Statistics Request Statistics Frontend Blood Donor Registration Shortcode Frontend Blood Request Registration Shortcode Frontend Display Blood Request Shortcode If you download […]

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WooCommerce Catalog Mode with Ajax Popup Inquiry (WooCommerce)

SW Product Catalog – WooCommerce Catalog Mode Complete Pack with Popup Ajax Inquiry Form, is WooCommerce add-on plugin. You can ready your catalog site with few clicks. Fully functional settings. You can customize your catalog page, product details page, Popup Ajax Inquiry Form button, Custom button from plugin settings page. If you would like to […]

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Forum based on comments (Utilities)

Forum based on comments convert your comments in a discussion forum. Put in a post type page (page) a shortcode, this will make the last comment of your site is displayed, the form is displayed in a forum type. This will make your comments otherwise see, possibly calling more attention of your readers to see […]

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