Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions (WooCommerce)

Subscriptio is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell subscriptions. Subscriptio adds recurring payments capability to WooCommerce so you can sell products like magazine subscriptions, online memberships, e-learning packages and any other tangible or intangible products.

Both simple and variable products can be configured as subscriptions and allow you to set payment cycle, free trial length, subscription length and a setup fee. When a customer purchases a subscription, a subscription flow is started, which consists of the following actions in a chronological order:

  1. Order placed
  2. Payment received (skipped in case of trial with no setup fee)
  3. Subscription activated (or enters an optional trial period)
  4. Renewal order generated
  5. Payment reminders sent
  6. Attempt to process automatic payment (if payment gateway supports Subscriptio)
  7. Subscription marked as overdue (grace period; optional)
  8. Overdue payment reminders sent (optional)
  9. Subscription suspended (optional)
  10. Cancellation warnings sent (optional)
  11. Subscription cancelled if no payment is received
  12. Subscription expired (if not cancelled by the time maximum subscription length is reached)


Both shop managers and customers can pause and resume subscriptions as well as cancel them. However, it is possible to disable this possibility for customers. There are more configuration options like when reminders should be sent, length of the suspension period etc. Plus there are many hooks and filters for developers to use.

This plugin integrates with WooCommerce Membership (also developed by RightPress) to offer online memberships with recurring payments.


  • Allows to sell subscriptions with WooCommerce
  • All subscription related actions are handled automatically
  • Both simple and variable products can be turned into subscriptions
  • Set any billing cycle length and max subscription length
  • Allows to charge a one-off signup fee in addition to recurring total
  • Allows to configure subscription trial period of any length
  • Subscriptions can be paused, resumed and cancelled manually
  • Multiple settings fields to make this plugin work as you want it to work
  • Subscriptions are purchased as regular WooCommerce products
  • Possible to purchase subscription and non-subscription products during single checkout
  • Possible to purchase multiple subscriptions and any quantity of each subscription
  • Subscription list and subscription management tools for customers
  • Related subscriptions displayed for each order that contains subscriptions
  • Related orders displayed for each subscription
  • Super easy to use yet powerful admin subscription management area
  • All subscription transactions logged and displayed
  • Sell any tangible or intangible products
  • Sell online memberships with recurring changes (requires additional extension)
  • Lots of hooks and filters for developers


  • WordPress 3.5+
  • WooCommerce 2.0+
  • WooCommerce Membership extension if online memberships with recurring payments are going to be sold
  • Payment gateway with support for Subscriptio if automatic payments are desired

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Smart Navigation Button (Menus)

Smart Navigation Button is simple to use plugin that will add very useful and fixed button collection on the page triggered by scrolling down the page. This button collection can have 3 static buttons, one to return page to the top, one to return to website home page and one to open built in menu.

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With Smart Navigation Button, users can have basic navigation available anywhere on the page even with main menu on the top. This control can improve visitors website browsing and help them navigate quicker without manual scrolling to top of the page to access main menu.

Fixed navigation using CSS transitions for animation

Fixed navigation using CSS transitions for animation Menu is fixed at the bottom of the screen, and trigger when screen scrolls down (you can set scroll trigger), and it can show 3 buttons. One is opening quick menu, other leads to home page and third one scrolls to top of the page. Plugin uses CSS transitions to animate display of the control and menu opening and closing.

Detailed customization for buttons, colors and positioning

Detailed customization for buttons, colors and positioning You can set all control elements, trigger for displaying the control, colors and positions. And you can add custom CSS to override whatever you might need for this control.

Add multiple menu items for quick navigation popup menu

Add multiple menu items for quick navigation popup menu Popup menu can include one or more items. You can link to different areas of your website and help users quickly navigate your website even when top navigation menu is not visible. For each menu item you can also set target and rel attributes. You can use HTML for item labels.

Other Plugin Features Included

  • Support for FontAwesome font icons.
  • Easy to use export and import for transferring settings from one website to another.
  • Support for Multisite WordPress mode, each website can set plugin on it’s own.
  • Support for translation and includes POT file.

System and WordPress Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.4 or newer
  • WordPress 3.5 or newer


Plugin contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘docs’ directory. Check out these documents to get information on plugin options, usage and more.


Version 1.0 / 2014.09.01.
  • First release

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Multistep Product Configurator for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Swap the select boxes of a variable product for a wonderful multistep form. You can choose between 3 different modules: Steps, Accordion, Tabs. The content for it will be generated from the variations of your variable product. You can also set a custom thumbnail for every attribute. MSCP can be enabled for every variable product separately.
Get started and improve the usability in seconds, your customers will be thankful!

How does it work

If you already using variable products with some variations, it takes only a few seconds to enable MSPC for a single variable product.

  1. Enable MSPC for a variable product via Product Data Metabox.
  2. Set some options like module, columns etc.
  3. That’s it! You improved the usability of a variable product!


  • Supported modules: Steps, Accordion, Tabs
  • Set an attribute thumbnail
  • Horizontal and vertical Grid Item Layout
  • Set number of columns
  • Make summary to fullwidth
  • Reposition product image or hide it at all

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Revision File Download WordPress Plugin (Utilities)


  • Add download files to your pages, posts, custom post types
  • Add single file / category or multiple files / categories to a page
  • Easy to use live search shortcode generator
  • Display latest file revision only or all revisions
  • Select which file information to display and in which order
  • Documented All our product come bundled with step by step documentation covering instalation and setup.
  • Translation Ready All our products are translation ready using Poedit tool with instructions in bundled documentation.
  • Easy to Setup
  • Regular Product Updates Documentation Plugin is kept up to date with the latest WordPress versions View Changelog
  • Customer Support Provided through support email with queries answered within 24 hours Mon – Fri. Support covers setup, product features, and bug fixes.

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Google spreadsheet to chart wordpress (Utilities)

Google spreadsheet to chart WordPress is a chart library plugin for your wordpress website. This plugin will enable you google spreadsheet to chart builder in your wordpress website.


You can change chart appearance like size, how many rows & column will display form your google spreadsheet & others settings. This plugin has super easy shortcode builder so you can easily embed any spreadsheet in your wordpress editor.


This plugin is totally wordpress shortcode powered. So, you can embed chart anywhere like page, post, widget also in your theme’s php files. Check its awesome features

  • Super easy Installation.
  • Unlimited chart in wordpress.
  • Chart directly form your google spreadsheet.
  • All Major browser supported.
  • Mobile, tablet touch supported.
  • Lovely colors.
  • Minimalist & lightweight.

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