59sec lite – Lead Management System (Utilities)

You will earn THOUSANDS of extra $  $  $   each month #1. You will earn THOUSANDS of extra $ $ $ each month! – Faster Response Times = More Money For You.

WOW factor - your clients will LOVE you! #2. WOW factor – your clients will LOVE you! Exceed expectations by being insanely fast with 59sec.

MEGA differentiation versus your competition #3. You’ll get MEGA differentiation versus your competition! Be faster and more responsive than the others and clients will see it.

mental orgasm each time you get a new push notification #4. You’ll get a mental orgasm each time you get a new push notification! No kidding! The most awesome sound in the world? Cash flowing in.

What does the 59sec do?

59sec LITE helps companies to answer leads generated with Contact Form 7 under 59 seconds, in order to boost conversions.

Basically, we’ll whip your sales/support team to do their job properly and FOLLOW-UP the leads ASAP, not after hours or days!

How the whipping goes? :)

Step 1 – you install the plugin.

Step 2 – you install the 59sec mobile app on your sales people mobile devices. Takes 2 minutes!

Step 3 – it sends PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on your mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) with your leads or questions from clients.

Step 4 – if the leads are not grabbed FAST, 59sec will make some followups.

Step 5 – if still the lead is not grabbed, then the boss is notified: “Yo, you are losing money. Why your team cannot answer fast a lead? Either they are overwhelmed and you should hire more, either they are losing time (most probably).”

Step 6 – everybody can see some cool statistics of response time. Who is lazy and who should get a bonus.

Decreasing response time will boost your conversion rate! :)

59sec on iOS

Why is so important to answer super FAST?

Because studies done by MIT and Kellogg show that answering a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 seconds means 21x more chances to close the sale. So, we are helping you answer under 1 minute, not in 5. :)

Study Response Time

59sec system has 2 main components: the back-end (59sec plugin lite or PRO) + the mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

How to install it!

First you install the 59sec wordpress plugin. Done!

Second, you set up the plugin. Specify the “Entry Sources”, the “Notifications”, etc.

Third, you put everybody from the sales team to install the mobile apps (iOS and Android available) and connect it to the site. Each user secret code can be found under “Notifications” tab. How to install' title=

How to use 59sec

Other questions?



We want you to be happy, so you can later upgrade to 59sec PRO or ENTERPRISE. We want to be so happy with our collaboration so you go tell all your businessmen friends about how great we are. :) 100% Guarantee

Constantin “Noro” Ferseta
59sec Founder
Constantin Ferseta

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