Advance Menu Manager (Menus)

Don’t let your website’s complex menu structure eat away your team’s productivity

The default WordPress Menu is great for websites having few pages and posts. But, what if your website has hundreds of pages including sub-items and posts? Managing such an elaborate menu can quickly turn out to a nightmare. Besides, it also increases the chances of human error which might impact your web presence.

The Advance Menu Manager has been built to address the needs of complex WordPress Content Management websites having a highly-detailed menu structure.

Features that will make your life easier

A Custom-built User Interface

With hundreds of pages in your menu, you need a tailored UI that offers a complete view of menu, the parent pages and their child (sub-items). Advance Menu Manager has that user-interface. Besides offering a complete picture of your menu, the clutter-free UI also allows you to view, add, edit and manage your pages and posts to make your job easier.

Menu Revision Functionality

As a site owner, it is common for you to go back to an earlier version of the menu you created. The plugin gives you a brief history of these revisions you have made. So, now choosing the menu version which best suites your website’s needs is just a click away. Moreover, the flush revision feature allows you to delete the revisions made if you no longer need them.

Add pages/posts parallely

Besides allowing you to get a comprehensive view of your menu and its sub items, the plugin helps you add menu items and sub-items parallely. This apart, the plugin also helps the user to create and add new pages/posts without going back and forth as is the case with the default WP menu feature.

Comprehensive Search Functionality

The default search option in WordPress Menu does not offer a complete look. This increases the chances of selecting a wrong page/post, leading to task repetition. Advance Menu Manager’s search option offers complete view of posts/pages with detailed meta information (like item slug, author, publish date etc.) ensuring you select the right page.

Short-code feature to replicate the menu structure

Use this feature to copy your menu structure. Just copy and paste the code in the page/post where you require. The same menu shall appear in that page/post.

See Menu Item ID

The default WordPress Menu does not provide a quick look into whether a particular menu item is a page or a post. Besides, you also cannot know what the item id is. The Advance Menu Manager Plugin is equipped with this functionality to show you complete details in a single user interface to save your time and efforts.

Other features you will love:

  • Add, edit, manage and delete pages from a single interface, no going back to pages and posts section to create menu items.
  • Add tags to pages/posts, view format and category
  • Insert custom links as per your needs
  • Add a menu item as a child category without going back and forth. Next, simply drag the item to make it a sub-item. No scrolling down to find the item and dragging it all the long way. This helps minimize your efforts and chance of human error.
  • Easy to use page/post search functionality so that you know you have selected the correct file.
  • Hide/show a parent item’s sub-category.
  • View and compare previous menu revisions made. You can even delete and restore a previous version.
  • Easy scrolling functionality allowing you to navigate quickly across the entire user interface from adding pages/posts to seeing revisions and viewing /applying the short code feature.
  • Start/stop revision functionality for a particular menu.

Technical Requirements

  • WordPress 3.8+
  • jQuery (comes with WordPress 3.8+)
  • jqueryui (comes with WordPress 3.8+) Latest browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

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