Animatrix Icons – SVG Animated WordPress Plugin (Add-ons)

Animatrix Icons – SVG Animated WordPress Plugin

The ultimate icons plugin for your WordPress installation is available now!

94 pre-made SVG animated icons are available, with the ability to draw on them or create your own icons. You can use the default background animation or remove it and use the icon only. The icons are available via shortcode and for your convenience are integrated in the default page editor. You can also change the speed of the animation, select a different color or size.

Professional SVG icon WYSIWYG Editor is included in this plugin, and can be accessed from the admin area. You can draw with the default Pencil tool or create shapes out of the rich Shapes library.

All SVG icons are animated on the front-side, by mimicking the drawing process. You can also export and save the SVG icon as well.

Main Features:

  • 94 animated SVG icons
  • Icon background – select an icon as background, animation starts after icon is loaded
  • Create beautiful SVG icons from your drawings with transparent background
  • 6 color themes for animated background and unlimited hex colors for the hand-drawn icon
  • 100% responsive icon, four icon sizes small, medium, large and fit to wrapper
  • Speed of the animation can be set with the shortcode
  • Advanced options are available for disabling all animation, the hovering animation or removing background animation
    • Ability to see code of SVG icon
    • Wireframe mode
    • Show/hide grid
    • Undo/redo buttons
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Zoom tool
    • (Bucket tool only shows for preview)
    • Stroke color and color picker
    • Stroke size
    • Opacity tool
    • Move to top/bellow another layer
    • Select/move/resize/rotate layer
    • Pencil tool
    • Shapes library
    • Basic, objects, symbols, arrows, flowchart, animals, cards & chess, dialog balloons, electronics, mathematical, music and many other shapes
    • Panning tool
    • Delete layer button
    • Exporting SVG icon
  • Shortcodes Generator to help you create the shortcodes you need
  • Icon boxes to wrap the icon with different alignment settings
  • Icon container banner with a background color


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Change log

  • 8/25/2015
    Initial upload on CodeCanyon

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