BetPress – Betting Game Plugin (WordPress)

BetPress is a WordPress plugin that allow your users to place betting slips on sports events and compete against each others. The plugin follows this workflow: 1. You add bettings 2. Your users are placing betting slips 3. You mark which bettings are winning 4. The system checks all users’ slips and calculate their points

In other words BetPress simulates the very basic functionality of a bookmaker’s website (like bwin, bet365, betfair etc) with the main differences that in the BetPress plugin bets are placed with points instead of real money and there are leaderboards.

There is a detailed documentation for more info but you can understand how BetPress works by just seeing the demo.

Key features: Three odd types supported – European (decimal), UK (fractional) and USA (moneyline) Semi-automated – You are always few clicks away from inserting up-to-date sports bettings. The plugin currently gets the data from Betclic API but is developed in a way where the third party provider can be changed anytime and that won’t force you to do anything, not even update of the plugin. In other words BetPress won’t get broken if Betclic decide to restrict the access to their API. Monetized – BetPress allows you to sell points via PayPal and of course there are several settings that allow to set quantity restrictions. WPML compatible – Any data inserted into the database can be translated via String Translations add-on which came free with the WPML plugin.

Apart from the main features which you can see in the featured image, BetPress has 2 widgets, 5 shortcodes each containing multiple attributes, more than 15 settings, more than 25 colors’ settings and other minor nice features.

Support: BetPress is currently supported via mail but a ticket system will be implemented soon. In most cases you will get response in the first 24 hours but just in case we set our deadline for 5 business days. Customization is not included in the support but we are helping for small issues whenever possible. We are currently available for more complicated paid customization but we can change our availability status anytime.

BetPress has been tested with WordPress 3.5 and 4.4 but should work with all the versions between these two. It may also work with earlier versions of WordPress but we can’t guarantee. BetPress may not work if you changed the WordPress default database tables’ names or the database design at all.

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