Christmas Cards – WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

This Christmas Cards WordPress Plugin provides you a simple card creator which allows the users create cards using predefined templates as well using their own images and writing any text they want. Once the user has finished creating its card he/she can share it by sharing a link. This link will be the same URL where the plugin is shown but with some query parameters added for the plugin to create the card when other user opens it.

This is a great way to engage the users by giving them a way to create and share content for christmas and in the same time it can increase your traffic as the links to share the created cards are your own WordPress site.


Customizable: It allows you to add more templates as well as your company logo in a easy way right from the admin.

Fully responsive: The plugin adapts its UI and behavior to any device screen.

Christmas designs: There are about 30 templates designed exclusively designed for this plugin.?

Easy share: In order to make easy the share of the cards the users is provided with a link that can be shared anywhere.

Great compatibility: It works in almost every modern web browser. This means latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari (both desktop and iOS), Opera, IE10+ (although the back and front functionality is not implemented for IE) and Chrome for Android.

Increase your traffic: As the users share links of your own WordPress site you will be able to increase your traffic as new users may visit and use your website.

Interactive and customizable for the users: The users can add their own images as well as write text to customize the cards. It should be noticed that the plugin stores the images uploaded by the users (using ajax so without refreshing the page) to your WordPress site.?

Easy and intuitive admin panel: Featuring a default, simple and intuitive admin panel where the options try to be as visual as possible.

Prepared to be multilanguage: With the use of .pot files, the plugin is prepared to be easily translated using softwares like Poedit (this refers to the admin part).

Clean & commented code: The code tries to be as basic as possible and there are comments on the most important parts.

Future updates: We will try to update the plugin with new features along its evolution.


– The shortcode is [christmas-cards]

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