[ cosmos ] infinite content engine for WordPress (eCommerce)

[ cosmos ] infinite content engine – turn clicks into customers

Supercharge Your Marketing Campaign With Personalized Content

How can [ cosmos ] help grow your business?

Improve Conversion Rates

Automatically deliver content that’s perfectly matched to each visitor’s search. Advertising campaigns are only as good as the pages they lead to. [ cosmos ] transforms your landing page to appeal to your customer’s interests. Turn your clicks into customers time and time again.

Maximize the Effectiveness of your Marketing Campaigns

Save time and increase ROI – let Cosmos personalize your website for each and every new customer. Cosmos creates a personalized, dynamic landing page for every user who visits your website, based on their web search.

One Dynamic Landing Page is All You Need

With a single template, you can launch unlimited online campaigns. Although the content may change, it will always remain relevant to your customer’s search!

Built For WordPress

[ cosmos ] is built exclusively for WordPress, the most popular content management system on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What documentation is available?

A.There is online documentation that is kept up to date. It’s available from the plugin settings page in the WP Dashboard.

Q. What types of content will [ cosmos ] work with?

A. [ cosmos ] infinite content engine will work with most content types that can be displayed within templates or shortcodes. Several standard shortcodes for content types are included.

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Images
  • WooCommerce Products

Q. How many URL parameters can be set?

A.There is no limit to the number of URL parameters that can be set. The settings page provides an easy to use way of adding an unlimited number of URL parameters, along with operators for each – IN or NOT IN

Q. How does [ cosmos ] work?

A. [ cosmos ] works by adding a custom shortcode to a page or post. The shortcode has parameters that determine what content type to display, all coming from your site. This can be WooCommerce products, blog posts, events from an event calendar, images, videos, any content type or custom post type that is on your site can be used. Once the page or post with the shortcode loads, it will first check to see if any URL parameters are present. If there are URL parameters, it will look for content that matches it in categories, tags or any other taxonomy. [ cosmos ] looks at all taxonomies associated with a given content type. Once a match is found, then that content will be displayed. If multiple matches are found, then [ cosmos ] will follow instructions in the shortcode parameter for ordering. This means either random content, latest published, latest modified, by name, or by author.

Q. Can more than one instance of the shortcode be placed on a page or post?

A. There is no limit to how many instances of the shortcode can be used on a single page or post. [ cosmos ] does however prevent duplicate content from appearing on a single page or post.

Q. Can I change the styling of the generated content?

A. Yes. There are specific class names assigned to the different types of content blocks that can be targeted in CSS.

Q. Can the dynamic content results be limited to certain categories or tags (terms)?

A. Yes. Under advanced options in the shortcode builder UI, the user has the ability to either exclude or limit results to specified terms.

Cosmos Will Help Grow Your Business

Using Cosmos, your marketing campaigns will have more impact. When your potential customer clicks on your ad, the content served on the landing page will be personalized to their search. This means better conversion rates and return on investment for your pay-per-click dollars.

[ cosmos ] can be used in many different ways, ranging from adding a small dynamic content region to a page or template that displays completely random content, all the way to being used to build a full page with multiple content regions and content types that listens to incoming URL parameters to determine what content to display.

[ cosmos ] infinite content engine for WordPress is a one of a kind plugin that gives you the power to quickly and easily create dynamic landing pages on your WordPress sites, which are integrated with marketing campaigns. Make sure your potential customers are getting an experience that is relevant to what they were searching for when they clicked on one of your ads.

[ cosmos ] will match incoming URL parameters with content on your website, delivering a personalized experience for potential customers. This helps increase conversion rates, up sells and cross sells.

Limit results to certain terms or exclude terms you don’t want the plugin to draw from to generate the content.

[ cosmos ] is also WordPress MultiSite capable, meaning it can draw content from an entire network, further increasing the options for creating dynamic content.

Even without incoming URL parameters, [ cosmos ] can breathe new life into your website by setting up dynamic regions on existing pages that will display randomized content.

Build custom queries through specifying multiple URL parameters that can be matched. This allows for complex results such as ‘red shoes not leather’ or ‘white t-shirts with graphics’.

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