CSS3 Tooltips For WordPress (Interface Elements)

CSS3 Tooltips For WordPress

CSS3 Tooltips For WordPress is a lightweight, easy-to-use tooltips plugin for WordPress. It’s based on pure CSS3 and comes loaded with 50 predefined CSS3 styles, 10 different tooltip positions, optional tooltip headers, support for images and videos, adjustable delay, notification icons, tooltips On Hover over element and On Click and support for mobile devices.

Plugin comes with shortcode generator and global settings with nice feature to display CSS3 Tooltips for all links by default.

Need Support?

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Full List Of Features

  • Create a Tooltip In Minutes!
  • On Hover And On Click Tooltips
  • Support For Mobile Devices
  • Lightweight – Based On Pure CSS3 Code
  • Build-In Shortcode Generator
  • Build-In Global Settings
  • Global Links To Tooltips Conversion
  • Create Tooltips In Minutes By Using Tooltip Shortcode Generator
    • Define The Content Wrapped By The Tooltip
    • Add Optional Tooltip Header
    • Specify The Tooltip Content That Will Appear In The Tooltip Cloud
    • Add Image Or Video That Will Appear In The Tooltip Cloud
    • Choose From 10 Available Tooltip Positions
    • Choose From 50 Available Tooltip Styles
    • Ability To Specify Custom CSS Code Or Class That You Want To Use For The Tooltip
    • Ability To Define Fixed Tooltip Width
    • Ability To Define Tooltip HTML Wrapping Tag
    • Ability To Define Tooltip Delay In Ms.
    • Ability To Define On Hover Or On Click Event
    • Custom Tooltip Cursors On Hover To Choose From
  • Global Tooltips Configuration Panel
    • Ability To Display CSS3 Tooltips For All Links By Default. Tooltip Content Will Be Retrieved From Title Attribute. This Setting Will Applies To All The Posts And Pages
    • Ability To Choose Default Tooltip Position And Style
    • Ability To Choose Default Tooltip Tag, Delay, Cursor, Custom CSS Code Or CSS Class Applied To The Tooltip
    • Ability To Define On Hover Or On Click Event
  • Valid HTML5 Code
  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • Documentation With Step-By-Step Guide Included



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