Easy Profile Widget Cards Add-on (Add-ons)

The perfect Profile or About Me widget for your WordPress site

Easy Profile Widget is a free profile widget to display About Me Section easily on your WordPress sidebar widgets. You have options to show user profile section with avatar and custom read more link. It can be used in any widget area, such as a sidebar or a footer.

Easy Profile Widget + Cards Add-on

Easy Profile Cards Add-on is a feature-rich plugin to maximize your About & Profile section’s capabilities. With this plugin you will have to full control of the widget’s unlimited possibilities. Below are the few options for this add-on, your creativity is the key. Enjoy!

Card Layouts

Five(5) predefined layouts to choose from. You can produce more than 5 profile card design layout, it’s up to your imagination ;) Creativity + freedom!


Layout Alignment

Card Layouts are amazing, but there’s more! You can customize you’re layout’s alignment. Move the avatar image & author name, description and social icons. That flexible ;)

Color Scheme & Styling

Make your About Me section stand-out for your visitors to know you better! Change or adjust the profile widget cards design on the settings page via colorpicker to match your site’s color scheme.



Don’t want to show your gravatar and want a custom image instead? Yes you can upload your own avatar image, more, you can also add cover image to maximize the card layout. Display images that will catch your visitors attention!

Add Tagline

Additional Tagline field is also available if you want to display custom text below the Author’s name. Made perfectly for multi-author website!


SiteOrigin Builder Ready!

Widgetized! The best feature of SO page builder and easy profile widget is perfectly compatible. Profile cards will display beautifully wherever you add it on your post/page via SO builder.

Social Icons

35+ social icons included. Defined colored icons also available in which you can create your own custom color scheme. You can also change the background container, alignment and more!


and more…

This plugin was built with flexibility on mind. It will give you more options that you can imagine, if you have an idea you can share it with me and I’ll be very happy to hear it.

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