Editorial Assistant by Zemanta (WordPress)

Zemanta’s Editorial Assistant is a tool that helps you blog better. It peeks over your shoulder while you write, and suggests related content and images. Richer posts are just clicks away! Zemanta also recommends your posts to other bloggers in the network, earning you valuable new links and visitors.

You can use the recommended content to quickly and efficiently improve your posts, research a topic, see what others are writing about, or even recirculate your own blog content into a new post. With a few clicks you can embed and image, generate in-text links, and attach related articles your readers will enjoy, all while generating outbound links for greater SEO.

Main features are: – Images: Use creative commons licensed images from Flickr and Wikipedia. – In-Text Links: Automatically link keywords to relevant sources for your readers. – Related Articles: Link to your old articles in new posts, or discover related articles from the Zemanta Editorial Network.

Commercial version of the plugin includes VIP support.

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