Email Control for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

What it Does

WooCommerce Email Control plugin provides enhanced control over your store emails by allowing you to preview and send tests of the exact emails that the customer will receive from your store.

Sometimes you may not be sure of the content or formatting of an email that a customer will receive from your store before you action it from an order. This plugin lets you preview those emails before they get sent, so you can see exactly what is in the email, how it is formatted and make sure that the right message is getting to your customer.

The plugin also allows you to send tests to other email addresses before sending to your customer.

From the settings page you are also able to test the formatting of any order in your store in any particular email, be it the New, Processing or Completed Order emails. Or the Customer Invoice, Customer Note, Reset Password and New Account emails.

And before you ask… Yes! We are working on allowing content editing of the email before it gets sent and that will be included in a later release.

Great For

  • Shop Administrators who want more control over the communication emails that are automatically sent from your online stores.
  • Quickly and simply send or resend automated communications from your store.
  • Preview what your customer sees, before you send it.
  • Shop Developers can preview changes as they develop, modify or enhance their email template files.
  • Preview the color and text changes in the WooCommerce Email Settings

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