ExEc WooCommerce Shipping (Shipping)

ExEc has built in Google Maps API that calculates time and distance from your warehouse to customer delivery address and use these values to figure out the probable shipping cost.

How The ExEc Plugin Works:

This plugin is valid for DOMESTIC shipping because it calculates shipping costs on a per-kilometer and/or a per-hour basis based on transportation by road.

The Plugin first checks which shipping method the buyer has chosen—Express or Economy.

Then it calculates the distance from all the warehouses to the delivery address. It uses the Google Maps API to calculate the distance and time.

Once the distance and time are known, the Plugin calculates the shipping costs by:.

(a) Figuring out whether the Maximum Load Factor of the shipment can be accommodated in one parcel or more. It creates the appropriate number of courier parcels per order.

(b) Then it takes into account the per-km and the per-hour rates entered in the Warehouse Location(s) field and calculates the shipping costs per warehouse.

(c) After this, it chooses the lowest shipping cost and displays it in the customer’s cart.

How the Maximum Load Factor feature works:

The Maximum Load Factor is the maximum load that can be contained in one shipping parcel. It can be set based on weight or volume (the plugin allows you to set rates for items that are not heavy but occupy a lot of space in one shipping box).

Here’s an example of how the Maximum Load Factor feature works:

Assume you have set Load Factor for Product A at 100 and Product B at 50.

You have specified the Maximum Load Factor at 500 in your Economy and Express Shipping tabs.

Let’s say a customer purchases 1 piece of Product A and 15 pieces of Product B and chooses Economy Shipping.

Here’s how the Maximum Load Factor gets calculated:

Product A: 1 unit X 100 Load Factor = 100 Product B: 15 units X 50 Load Factor = 750

Total Load Factor = 850 Maximum Load Factor = 500

The shipment can only be made in 850/500 = 1.7 (anything between 1.01 to 1.99 is considered as 2.

Therefore, the plugin will calculate the shipping charges as:

2 X Economy Shipping Rates Set For The Destination.

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