ExNet Woocommerce Brand Plugin (WooCommerce)

ExNet Woocommerce Brand Plugin

Create, assign and list product brands

The ExNet brands extension for WooCommerce allows you to create brands for your shop; each brand can be named, described and assigned an image. Brands can then be:

  • Listed, indexed, on a page or post using a special shortcode.
  • Displayed as thumbnails on a page using a shortcode.
  • Displayed in the sidebar using a widget: Brand Description, Brand Layered Nav and Brand Thumbnail.
  • Assigned to a product.
  • Used to filter products using a special layered nav widget.

After assigning brands to products, the layered nav widget allows customers to filter products by brand. Also, since brands are a taxonomy, you can browse by brand. The archive template can optionally show the brand description, or you can use a widget instead.

A useful feature is the shortcode which lets you list your brands on their own page and makes finding brands easy:

Live Demo

Single Product <s href=”http://shameemreza.info/a-z-brand/”> A-Z Brands Page All Demo
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