Facebook Analytics for WordPress (Add-ons)

Facebook Analytics is a Get Facebook Likes addon allows you track your visitors likes, comments on your website per day. It sends data to Google Analytics using Analytics API so you can view and get report easily in Google Analytics.

Facebook Analytics Features

Different between Facebook Analytics and Page Insight

Facebook Analytics works with your website and track likes, comments of your websites posts while Page Insight works with your Facebook Page and track likes, shares, comments of your Facebook Posts.

Facebook Analytics is a Get Facebook Likes addon

Get Facebook Likes interacts with Facebook Graph API and saves your Facebook likes, shares, comments to post meta so you can do some awesome stuff that you think it’s impossible before like sort posts by likes or shares, or comments, like to view, etc.

To install Facebook Analytics, you’ll need to install Get Facebook Likes. It’s fast, simple, and totally free.

Change Logs

Version 1.0 – March 13, 2016

Initial Release

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