Facebook Elements for Cornerstone (Add-ons)


Facebook Elements for Cornerstone lets you to add Facebook Social Plugins to your pages easily.
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  1. Embed Facebook Posts and Videos to your pages
  2. Put Facebook Comments to your page

It’s a Cornerstone plugin, so you can put these widgets to your pages by dragging and dropping.

Facebook Embedded Post

Facebook Embedded Video

Facebook Comments


You need Cornerstone to use this add-on.

Visual Composer version of this add-on

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– Do I need any programming / coding knowledge?

Absolutely no! Just drag any element and drop to your WordPress page. Some of the elements will ask Facebook URL of your Facebook page or any Facebook post.

– Are there any restriction about size?

Well, actually there some restrictions but they are defined by Facebook and I have nothing to do about it.

  1. Embedded Posts element width must be between 350px and 750px.
  2. Embedded Videos element width must be greater than 220px.
  3. Page element width must be between 180px and 500px.
  4. Page element height must be greater than 70px.

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