Facebook Like Page Locker (Social Networking)

If you want to convert your site traffic to your facebook fan page likes and boost your fan page social media profile, then Facebook Like Page Locker is the right one !

Facebook Like Page Locker is the Premium WordPress Plugin to lock any of your pages with a Facebook Fan Page Like Popup until the site visitors likes your fan page.

See full features list below:

  1. Unlimited Like Lockers
    1. Create as many Facebook Like Lockers as you want each with different settings and restrictions
    2. Assign Each page with different Facebook Fan Page Like popup(as many as you want)
  2. Lock page with different lockers
    1. You can assign each of your page with different fan page locker
  3. Enable or Disable Countdown Timer
  4. Choose a Pre Designed Layout or Design your own layout for locker
  5. Two locker methods available
    1. Like Button Lock
    2. Like Box Lock
  6. Disable or enable locker for individual page straight from the post / page or any other post type editor section
  7. Filter Locker as per Page / Post or any other Post types
  8. Configure each and every section of locker
    1. Customize the heading of the locker
    2. Configure to show either Like Button or Like Box with all individual settings provided by Facebook
    3. Enable or disable countdown counter
    4. Customize Unlock Message
    5. Enable or disable close action
    6. Mobile Friendly
  9. Instant Lock Popup close after page like by site visitor
  10. IP based unlock to prevent showing the liked page again to same visitor
  11. User Friendly Interface with proper preview of Like box and Like button
  12. Proper documentation and guide notes

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