Facebook Photos – Albums Importer (WordPress)

Facebook Photos – Albums Importer is a easy to use WordPress Plugin used for importing photos or albums from your Facebook Profiles (unlimited) or Pages (unlimited) straight to your WordPress Media Gallery instantly.


Username: demo
Password: demo
URL: http://quadcorp.co/p-facebook-photo-importer/wp-admin/


  • The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions
  • Developed using Facebook API v2.5 API and SDK package v5.0 (included in the plugin)
  • Supports both Facebook user profile and page albums importing
  • Supports unlimited Facebook Profiles
  • Supports unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Imported Facebook Photo IDs are stored in database for reference
  • Imports the best quality of the image from Facebook
  • Ability to import up to 100 photos simultaneously
  • Allows you to select/deselect one by one or all album photos
  • Import Selected Images Only* – Imports album images that have been selected by the user to WordPress Media Gallery
  • Import All* – Automatically selects and imports all album images of the current page to WordPress Media Gallery
  • Sync – Synchronizes Facebook Album Photos with the ones already imported, and imports only the new ones that haven’t been imported yet from the current page to WordPress Media Gallery
  • Supports two types for album photo listing: Small grid (108×108px) and Big grid (216×216px)
  • Settings button is available for inserting or updating Facebook App ID and Secret values
  • Your Gallery button is available for viewing WordPress Media Gallery of recently imported images

* Both functions by default skip already imported images, unless specifically told otherwise by un-checking Skip already imported images checkbox.


This plugin requires that you have or create a Facebook App.

User Guide with Screenshots:

Please follow these steps only after you have installed and activated the plugin:

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and click on Fb Importer tab – See Screenshot
  • Insert your Facebook App ID and Secret and click Save Details button. -Please refer to Other Important Notes about your Facebook App on the right side for Facebook app requirements necessary for this plugin or if you need help creating a Facebook App – See Screenshot
  • After you add your Facebook App details, click Add Profile to connect your first Facebook account (make sure you grant all required Facebook permissions in order for this plugin to work effectively) – See Screenshot
  • After you add your Facebook account, now you should click on the recently added account to see your Facebook Pages and Profile Albums – See Screenshot
  • Next you can click on either one of the Facebook pages to see respective albums – See Screenshot
  • Click on the album you want to import and select photos – See Screenshot
  • Click on either one of the import functions Import Selected Images Only, Import All or SyncSee Screenshot
  • Click e.g Import Selected Images OnlySee Screenshot
  • See imported image on your WordPress Media Gallery by clicking on Your Gallery button – See Screenshot

You are done! Simply follow the same steps if you need to add another account, or import other albums or photos using either one of import functionalities implemented in this plugin.

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