Featured Media WordPress Plugin (Media)

This plugin will help you easily add support to post formats and post thumbnails, and then, easily output featured media which you can set while writing a new post or editing one. Adds meta boxes in post editor so you could set the featured media you want to show, for example, an audio, video, slider for gallery, status, etc.


  • Adds support to necessary post formats, and thumbnail
  • Adds meta boxes in post editor so you could set up the featured media you want
  • Currently, recognizing and embedding media from the following media streaming services:
  • Audio: – SoundCloud – Spotify – Beatport – Direct path to audio file ( upload, etc ) Video: – YouTube – Vimeo – Direct link ( video upload, or hosted somewhere else )
    If ever you feel we should include another service, kindly suggest it and we’ll work on implementing it in future releases.

  • Supporting more than a Google Font, which you could choose in the plugin settings page.
  • Featured media could be implemented easily with a shortcode [featured-media-content], if you feel like adding them in the post editor, duplicating them, or if your theme doesn’t want to support thumbnails and you wanted to show featured media without editing theme files..
  • Easily set background colors for each post format, so your posts background colors vary from post format to another..
  • Set and upload a default thumbnail image for aside, image or standard post formats.
  • Custom CSS area, if ever you want to override some existing styles, or add some..

Post formats and their featured media

Video: Embed a video player from YouTube, Vimeo, or directly.
Audio: Embed an audio player from SoundCloud, BeatPort, Spotify, or directly.
Gallery: Create a slider with the images you provide in the meta box. Also adds captions if you set them in the meta box. The slider is powered by Flexslider© WooThemes.
Status: Enter your status text, and it will be shown next a status icon in the featured media box.
Link: Display a clickable link with a paragraph of text before it.
Quote: If you wanted to share a quote that inspired you, then, select post type quote, and enter your quote.

HTML markup is allowed for both quote and status meta boxes, because you might need line breaks, or special HTML entities, etc.

If ever you needed support, consider posting your questions in the item’s support section, and we will respond in brief delays.


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