Footr : Footer Reveal Plugin for WordPress (Utilities)

Footr Plugin allows you to quick and easy create additional Footer Reveal feature to your WordPress website. Create a fully responsive sticky hidden widget-driven contents that will be revealed when you scroll the bottom of your page. It offers slick and professional options from the simple widgets to customizable views and design inside the footer that can be added and running within minutes.

Fully Responsive

Built with any contents in mind. Footr will dynamically resize on any devices and screen sizes. Don’t worry about long footer and widget contents! It will automatically become scrollable if the footer was revealed & you have lots of content on desktop and scrollable footer on mobile devices. Awesome!

Easy to use

Create additional feature on your websites and give more engagement to your visitors that will get up and running in no time. Just drag & drop contents, click the colorpicker for custom styling and much more..

Location Visibility Control

Want to show the footer reveal on homepage only? or perhaps you want it to show on woocommerce products pages or single blog posts. You have full controll on where you want to display Footr! Even if you are using custom plugins/themes that are not yet supported, custom filter is available to show or hide it on any wordpress pages. Genius!

Widget Driven

From simple texts to custom menus, you can add any contents via widgets. Widget provides a hassle free options to add & modify contents that’s why we decided to use it and to support more plugins and themes contents off course!

Columns, Layout & Alignment

Easy setup for up to 4 columns! Set the column size on the widget content itself. Once you drag and drop any widget under ‘Footr Widgets’ Sidebar, custom column & aligment dropdown options will automaticall added on the option. Easy!

Widget Visibility

Want to hide certain widget on mobile devices? or only show specific widget content on mobile & iPad. Footr has built-in feature that will allow you to hide the widget on Desktop or Mobile & Ipad screen sizes. Smart!

Custom Widget

Custom widget also available! You can add horizontal menus that most of the footer has, set alignment and columns! Accidentally messed up the layout or want to add custom spacing between widgets? There is also widget for that!

Design & Styling

Off course! Footr was built to look amazing on any themes available. To match your installed theme, you can change the color scheme via colorpicker options under the settings page. Simple!

Custom Css

Override any style via Custom Css option. You can always use the plugin support tab if you need any help with the css code. :)

Brilliantly out the box

No customization needed, Footr will function and look brilliantly even the settings is left on default. Perfect!

Browsers Compatible

Will work perfectly on all modern browsers. IE9 and up

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