Free Membership On User Registration (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Memberships: Free Membership On User Registration simplifies the process of quickly granting a membership or memberships to any user during the sign-up process. Don’t let the super simple to use administration panel on this plugin fool you, it’s mighty powerful. It will allow you to quickly grant memberships to any user whenever they register from the moment you turn it on.

How to Get Started

  • Buy this WooCommerce extension
  • Download, install, and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce store
  • Navigate to WooCommerce => Free Membership On User Registration
  • Enable the Plugin
  • Select the Memberhsip or Memberships you want to grant to every user who registers
  • Save your settings
  • That’s it

Frequently Asked Question

Can I grant more than one membership to a user during registration?

Yes! You can grant any number of memberships to a user during the registration process.

What’s considered part of a user registration?

A user registration can be considered any of the following:

  • Customer completes an order on WooCommerce
  • User registers through WordPress’s registration page
  • WooCommerce registration form if you are enabling user registrations in the “My Account” page
  • Add New User screen on WordPress’s back-end.

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