FSQM Pro Easy SQL – Export Submissions to Database (Add-ons)

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FSQM Pro Easy SQL is an addon for our WordPress Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager Pro plugin. It allows you to directly export submissions to a dedicated database table on the go.

Easy SQL Addon works alongside with FSQM Pro, without modifying the core. If active, during every form submission and updation, it checks for its relevant entry on the export table, and if not found or required, it adds or updates the record corresponding to the submission. Each question element of the form gets its own column and every row of the table represents a submission.

Once the submissions are saved in their own database table, you can perform a bunch of SQL operations on them directly. This essentially removes all limitations you’ve had with FSQM’s own serialized data storage system.

Key Features:

  • Record directly to a database table as submissions occur.
  • Every column would represent a question element and rows would represent submissions.
  • Optionally limit to keep past n days records to the database.
  • Optionally limit total number of records to be kept in the database.
  • Browse and search through submissions directly from administrator area.
  • Export database to XLSX file on the go.


Version 1.0.0 (1 Feb, 2016)

* Initial Release

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