iWantThis – the revolutionary content grabber (Utilities)

iWantThis Overview

iWantThis is a WordPress plugin capable of downloading rich HTML pages with images, styles and fonts and creating editable blocks in WordPress for later use in posts and pages with shortcodes.

Video Demonstration


The key differences to other solutions:

  • Content you add is much more SEO-friendly and user-friendly than screenshots
  • The plugin allows you to put rich content from other web page with just a few clicks and it doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML, CSS or XPath.
  • Content you add is hosted on your website and is always available unlike embedded iframes that depend on third-party server
  • Content is partially editable

Add new block

Select content block

Edit content


Please be aware, the plugin is based on new technologies that were not used that way before so it has some limitations that depend on browsers and third-party servers. This means that it may not work well with all the pages or blocks you would want to insert and at the moment it may not be possible to fix it for every website existing on the web. We recommend you to try it in different browsers for better results and try different options if it doesn’t work with defaults. We are working hard on making it better, so please feel free to ask questions and provide URLs for us to try.


  • PHP 5.3 or newer (5.4 recommended)
  • libxml php extension
  • XML PHP extensions: DOM and SimpleXML
  • cURL or Stream Context (allow_url_fopen=On)

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