Layers CMK Addons (Add-ons)

IMPORTANT: To use this plugin you must have a Layers Theme (or Layers Child Theme) installed on your WordPress site!

Layers CMK Addons is combination of widgets and plugins for layers. This Addons will help you to make your layers wordpress better without code.

List of Addons

  • Accordion
  • Progress bars and Circular
  • Tabs
  • Pricing Tables
  • Team with socials
  • Counter Element
  • Icons box Element

List of Plugins

  • Fullscreen Menu
  • Change Fonts

Personal Request
If there is any bug or something wrong please contact me first via comments. I will love to fix it for you. I am working hard on this plugin to add more and more features so I need your feedback to improve and make it best layers plugin. Thank you very much!

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