Lingo – WordPress Language Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Lingo designed to translate your wordpress page easily. Easy-to-use, modern, fast and useful. You can translate all menus, pages, even images. Lingo allows to you translate each word.


In WordPress market there are many translation tools or plugins but they aren’t useful or stable. Lingo doesn’t use Translate API. Because that method is not suitable. You have to translate your web site manual and it will be good choice for using Lingo plugin.


  • Translate each word and everything. Menus, titles, pages, contents, slider contents…
  • Lingo handles every part of page, for example you can even translate widget’s title.
  • On admin panel you can handle everything easily.
  • You can add dropdown menu or include flags to footer. (Language switch buttons)
  • It works on mobile or tablet perfect.
  • Your web site will be indexed by Google (or any search engine) with language translations.
  • No expert knowledge needed.
  • Enable and Disable certain functions via settings page.
  • CodeCanyon new WordPress items