Logo Showcase for Cornerstone (Add-ons)

Logo Showcase For Cornerstone is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to showcase clients/sponsors/partners etc. using different hover animation effects.

This plugin adds a new element named as Logo Showcase to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 42 different types of hover animations and 9 different image effects.

The plugin also allows you to choose the number of images you would like to displayed on each row with a maximum option of 5 images in one row. You can also choose gap size between the logos and specify a border to the logo items.


  • 42 Different image hover animations.
  • 9 Different image hover effects.
  • Ability to choose between slider and grid layout.
  • Fully customizable using the cornerstone page builder.
  • Allows you the change colors of the texts, overlay background and hover background.
  • Allows you to choose number of images you would like to display on each row.
  • Allows you to put different types of styles and layouts on the same page.
  • 100% responsive and works great on mobiles.
  • Works with all modern browsers and across all platforms.

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on support@magnigenie.com
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