Looader – WordPress Preloader (Utilities)

Looader the most customizable WORDPRESS content loader on the market

Looader is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that gives you the possibility to add infinite kind and style of fully editable loaders. Looader is created to manage and edit CSS animated loader in a very simple and easy way as a result you can easily create your own CSS loaders ,transform them to valid .loader file and add them to you collection and start editing every feature of them using our simple and easy to understand file format …. Or you can just enjoy our current and growing ready loaders and stay in touch with us for more.It doesn’t stop here Looader give you the possibility to add animation to your content and loader motions (Over 70 animations) .

Looader is the only loader plugin that you need , you can create classical CSS loaders and turn them to fully a editable and manageable one in seconds.

You can change the colors,size,speed,animations and the content of your loaders with a few clicks.

Looader gives you the possibility to use the shortcode WordPress API to add your loaders on specific content anywhere on your website.

Looader Features

  • Add inifinite loaders from our growing collection
  • Create your own easy to build CSS animated loader and edit them with juste on click (Check Documentation)
  • Classy and New loaders.
  • Fully editable loaders (colors,speed)
  • Easy to use panels
  • Shortcode API for specific uses
  • Fully AJAX and mobile friendly control panel
  • Very lightweight
  • Major browser support
  • And many more …


  • For the one who don’t want to create their own loaders you have just to install the plugin and enjoy the available loaders and add more form our growing collection, and customize them using our simple and easy to understand panel.
  • If you have any problem with the plugin reseting the settings and refreshing the panel should fix the problem and you might want to remove any recent loaders.
  • If you want to create and share your own Looader loaders please check the documentation section(it is very easy) , and if you want to share your loader just contact us and we will publish them on our site (after some reviewing)

What is New ?

  • The easiest way to create your fully editable CSS loader by yourself using straightforward methods.
  • Any CSS loader can be turned into a valid Looader loader
  • Complete control over you loaders.

Future Plans

  • We really wanted to add JAVASCRIPT powered loader in our first version but we focused on the simple and straightforward CSS animation to ensure that our loaders work in all modern browsers

What you can DO ?

  • Stay in touch with our team using our site or direct contact using our email , to share your ideas and expectation with us , this will help us to present new and revolutionary creations
  • In the mean time enjoy our product currents version and stay in touch to have more


  • If you have any further questions or you need support using or configurating this script, feel absolutely free to use this items comments section for any questions. We will do our very best to help and assist you as quick as possible, You can also contact us directly using our email contact.leavy@gmail.com

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