Multistep Product Configurator for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Swap the select boxes of a variable product for a wonderful multistep form. You can choose between 3 different modules: Steps, Accordion, Tabs. The content for it will be generated from the variations of your variable product. You can also set a custom thumbnail for every attribute. MSCP can be enabled for every variable product separately.
Get started and improve the usability in seconds, your customers will be thankful!

How does it work

If you already using variable products with some variations, it takes only a few seconds to enable MSPC for a single variable product.

  1. Enable MSPC for a variable product via Product Data Metabox.
  2. Set some options like module, columns etc.
  3. That’s it! You improved the usability of a variable product!


  • Supported modules: Steps, Accordion, Tabs
  • Set an attribute thumbnail
  • Horizontal and vertical Grid Item Layout
  • Set number of columns
  • Make summary to fullwidth
  • Reposition product image or hide it at all

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