MyAffiliate – Earn with Envato Affiliate Program (WordPress)

MyAffiliate is a simple & light weight WordPress plugin, which can make your affiliate marketing automated. If you are running a WordPress, and want to make money out of it with affiliate marketing for Envato market place items, then the myaffiliate is the best option for you.

Feature Highlights

1. The Plugin is lightweight
2. Based on the native WordPress Hooks
3. You Only Need to Setup the Plugin Once
4. The Content of your site will not be modified, so technically you can use this plugin with a WordPress site which already have content.

You only need to have one or many Envato market place urls appearing in your website content, and the plugin is enabled ( provided you have done information requested at settings page), you basically do not have to do anything after that.

The plugin will automatically look for the envato market place urls and convert them into your affiliate urls. Simple.

The Most Important Point is , It will not modify your posts The plugin will dynamically provide the user with an affiliate url with your referral added to it.

Do not want to show your link as a referral link , Yes, the plugin comes with an built in option to mask your referral url. you can use or to mask your url. (of course you can earn some additional money with . It only take a minute to configure the plugin to make your autopilot affiliate campaign.

Also you can monitor the activity of your referral links from your shortening service dash board ( So you can earn-for the clicks as well, when you are getting an affiliate earning too.

This is the initial release of this plugin, and more features are coming soon.

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