myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro (Add-ons)

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Reward points for Form Submission

myCRED is a vastly popular, free and easy to user points management system for WordPress. It helps you keep your users engaged, by rewarding them points for their interactions with your website. The points can later be used to show a leaderboard, award some badges or maybe integrate with your eCommerce shops to provide discounts and coupons.

myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro, allows you to control how you want to award your users when they submit a form.

Reward points not necessarily needs to be static. It can be based on obtained score or even output of any mathematical element. You can also setup limitations for reward points.

myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro

  • Complete integration with myCRED an adaptive points management system that lets you award / charge your users for interacting with your WordPress powered website.
  • Reward points for submitting FSQM forms. Settings can be managed on per form basis.
  • Calculate reward points dynamically with respect to score or any mathematical element or simply reward a static point.
  • Negative score/Mathematical element can also subtract from myCRED rewards.
  • Limit reward points based on a number of days, per form or both.
  • Works with myCRED multitype point management.

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