Perspective Mockups WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

Turn ordinary images into eye catching compositions with the power of perspective mockups. Perfect for enhancing your portfolio and showcasing your work, it requires minimum effort and yields maximum results. With all the content in one place you will find yourself saving loads of time, and with the interface this easy, you shall see first results with just a few clicks.



  • 200+ perspective mockups (and counting!) ready for use right away. (~100 photos, 100+ abstract/digital compositions)
  • Perspective mockups come in diverse flavours consisting of photos, digital artwork, abstract shots, compositions, vast array of devices including but not limited to iphones, ipads, imacs and other tablets and smartphones from major manufacturers.
  • All mockups are licensed under the Creative Commons license requiring no more than optional attribution for both personal and commercial projects. All source details are included within the application and easily accessible.
  • Perspective generator is based on popular LibGD PHP library so that it ensures seamless performance on most server configurations
  • Application layout is built according to responsive design principles.
  • Easy filtering tool for efortless and quick selection of the stuff you like
  • Crop assistent useful for precise aligning raw images within mockups
  • Customizable background image/color for most (120+) mockups
  • Mockup base will get gradually expanded!
  • Have a perspective mockup of your own you’d like to use and have available in your application? Contact us for custom mockups implementation. This service comes free of charge!
  • Works in all modern browsers See list of supported browsers
  • Resolution of generated images keeps around 1280×720.

Want custom mockup made?

Contact us with the details! We’ll get it done free of charge.

Server requirements


  • PHP 5.2.3+
  • MySQL 4.1.2+
  • WordPress 3.1+
  • GD library – used for image manipulation

Supported browsers (assume recent version if not specified explicitly); Notes

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • IE 10+
  • Opera (No WebGL support; no live preview available)
  • IE 9/10 (No WebGL support; no live preview available)

Mockups Licensing

Unless specified otherwise, all mockups available in the application are licensed under the Creative Commons license enabling the use of generated images in both personal and commercial projects requiring only an attribution in exchange.

Source info about a particular mockup is available while editing mockup sticking to the bottom right side of it. If you’re using any of the work done publicly, please do mention the source on behalf of the autors! Thanks!

We’d like to thank all the following sources and authors for making all the beautifull content available to the public. If we missed anybody in this list and you happen to notice it, please contact us!

You can review the full list of the sources in the mockups licensing section.


In case of any troubles use and abuse sources below as much as you need.

  • Email: – Note: When reporting plugin/theme incompatibility please include the following details in your message along with problem description for smoother turnaround (only include what you think is necessary. We may usually ask for more specific details depending on the type of issue you’re having):
    • Item purchase code you got after buying an item (It’s viewable on your Envato marketplace account under downloads section)
    • Theme files – Especially if it’s a commercial theme – so that we can run local tests if necessary (What are theme files? Theme files define your site look and functionality. You can send us the same theme files that you downloaded or zip* them yourself)
    • Are you using any other plugins? If so, zip* them together and attach to your message as well so that we can run local tests if necessary (Plugins are viewable under Plugins section in WordPress admin dasboard. Only active ones are necessary.)
    • WordPress admin dashboard access – so that we can have a direct look at the issue if necessary as sometimes we may not be able to replicate the issue in our environment. It also makes the process easier and faster.
    • FTP access details – so that we can have a direct look at the issue if necessary as sometimes we may not be able to replicate the issue in our environment. It also makes the process easier and faster.

*Use file archiver such as WinRar or other compression software. In case you don’t know how google it, it’s very very simple.

Note: We usually respond within 1-7 days from reporting the issue.

Problems / Need help?

DON’T USE CodeCanyon Comments for support requests as that’s not what they’re designed for. This will make our lifes easier. Thank you in advance! ;-)

Follow Support Guidelines to get in touch with us for faster turnaround.

Latest Update

April 7, 2013, version 1.0.0

  • Initial release


In case of any troubles you talk to us directly so let’s get to know each other better. We’re WordPress enthusiasts. We live in Poland. We develop for web independently full-time. Interested in anything regarding our work? Feedback? Critique? Suggestions? Email us! Cheers!

Update Log

April 7, 2013, version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

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