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An awesome free Gmedia Gallery plugin for WordPress to organize media content, such as your photos, has allowed us to create an elegant and at the same time informative gallery – PhotoTravlr.

PhotoTravlr is an additional premium module for Gmedia Gallery plugin. It was developed to share maximum information about your adventures, travels and other great events in your life with the subscribers and the visitors of your WordPress site. The module has geolocation capability to connect these events with the selected locations on the map. The ability to tag each image is helpful when you will choose content for your blog posts to get the best collection of photos.

Each photo of your gallery can be stored in three types of collections such as Category, Album or Tag Cloud at the same time, so that you can compile a perfect gallery for your friends, guests and subscribers. You can easily create private collections for your registered readers (subscribers) and they will receive greater access to your content via their accounts.

The user-friendly interface of this gallery and the photo tagging function will allow your readers to delve into the inviting atmosphere of your adventures. The ability to add an external (additional) link to each photo will attract more interest to your event, supporting it with the detailed blog post. Information about the camera, lenses and shooting modes from a photograph (EXIF data) will tell even more about the setting when that astonishing photo was shot. Use a convenient menu Share to distribute your content in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Stumbleupon.

There is another great feature from the Gmedia Gallery plugin: if you have iPhone, download the free Gmedia app from the AppStore and turn your gallery into a diary of your adventures. You can quickly and easily edit the gallery, change the status of a single photo or of a whole album, limit or expand access for them in the app.

Give a try to the Gmedia Gallery plugin and our amazing PhotoTravlr gallery. You will be impressed with the new opportunities to demonstrate your valuable content.

P.S. Any ideas to improve this gallery are welcomed.

* Images used in demo page are not included in the download pack.

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