Promo Cards – Banner/Offer System WordPress Plugin (Advertising)

Promo Cards – Banner/Offer System Plugin for WordPress

Promo Cards – Banner/Offer System Plugin is designated to fast and comfortably create Cards and to combine them into collections. With the help of a convenient filter it is possible to combine different Cards into a single collection. Each collection can be displayed in 8 different views.

Plugin features:

  • Useful to promote partner’s programs
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Convenient filter that helps to create collections (a few Cards in the same block)
  • 8 options for presentation of collections (8 types of banner blocks)
  • Works on mobile devices.
  • Selection of various currencies for Cards.

Cards features:

  • It has it’s own page or external link
  • It is tied to a specific seller and category
  • It has Description, Prices, Old Price, Period of availability
  • Sale location (Google map)
  • 3 Types of images
  • 2 Types of page view for an Cards

Collection features:

  • Consolidation of Cards by: Seller, Category, Price, Featured Cards and Period.
  • 8 options to present collections (8 types of banner blocks)

How it works:

  1. Create Promo Cards
  2. Create collection of Promo Cards based on their attributes
  3. Choose right position and Enjoy!

Visit the demo page

How to use it

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