Rcwd Upload for Formidable Form (Add-ons)


This add-on extends the functionality of the free (and Pro version too) WordPress plugin Formidable Form.

It allows to add a new file upload field with a lot of features! (see below)

It uses a different folder for every location (based on form id, field id and entry id). Also, you can activate the option to let user upload more than 1 file!!!

Also, the uploaded files will be not related to WP media core.


\ USER REGISTRATION ADD-ON COMPATIBILITY (needs “Formidable User Registration for Pro”)
\ Upload in chunks (by using the filter formidable_rcwdupload_chunks)
\ AUTO UPDATER (experimental, be careful, alway made a backup before do it).
\ Sortable. Reorder elements in list using drag&drop (if repeater option is On).
\ Support for image preview before upload with size settings! (for all modern browsers)
\ Option for autoupload after file selection
\ Option for rename the file with available tags: [form_id], [field_id], [lead_id], [fieldlabel] (if repeater is active, a progressive numeric suffix will be added)
\ Option for weight limit (KB or MB)
\ Options for resizing (clientside and serverside)
\ Options for filtering the allowed extensions
\ Repeater option! Yes you can let users to upload more to add additional upload fields
\ Support for drag&drop
\ Useful filters that will let you customize some stuff (new filters will be added to next releases)
\ JS trigger to customize upload filters ( formidable_rcwdupload_filters and formidable_rcwdupload_object). See F.A.Q. section
\ Language translation for english and italian
\ Ready-to-use PHP functions for getting url or path of the files


You need support for it? no problem! Send me an email at [email protected].

No support in comments section. Please use it for presale questions only, thanks :)


  • When i click the linked file in notification mail or in entry detail, it opens the 404 page. How can i fix the link?
    This is a permalink structure bug. To fix it, just go to BACKOFFICE -> SETTINGS -> PERMALINK.
    No need to save there, WP will update the permalink structure automatically just opening that admin page.
    If this will not fix it, please send an email to [email protected] with your htaccess file attached and all info about your server type (windows or linux).
  • I would like to add a custom filter to limit the width of the file that an user can upload. How can i do this? You will find all the info in the readme file inside my plugin folder :)


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  2. Use the (experimental, be careful and do a backup!) auto-updater feature


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