SEO Auto Affiliate Linker WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

SEO Auto Affiliate Linker WordPress Plugin is designed to create text link ads for advertisers and referral links to make money with affiliate programs.

The Auto linker functionality of our SEO Link Building plugin allows to add link to any word on your site in two clicks, and link will be added to all pages.

The Affiliate Linker functionality helps to batch add affiliate external links for any web service that has Affiliate program. If links of some products from other web sites were mentioned on your blog – you can monetize your site easily.

We were doing our best to create convenient and flexible solution for you, so please, check out our WordPress SEO Linker Plugin.

SEO Auto Affiliate Linker WordPress Plugin’s Features:

  • Auto linker functionality
  • Affiliate Linker functionality
  • Statistics: view who clicked at your links
  • Increase your website’s brand awareness
  • Make money by adding Affiliate external links to any text

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