SEO Cleaner — WP Plugin for Site Clean Up (SEO)

SEO Cleaner is a WordPress plugin that allows you to clean up unnecessary elements from your site’s source code. You can remove unused meta tags, links, scripts and styles in your head section, delete redundant server response HTTP headers and disable features that you do not need that potentially can harm your site’s SEO.

Head Section Clean Up

Remove redundant meta tags, links, scripts and styles from head section.

  • Remove WordPress generator version
  • Remove WLW Manifest link
  • Remove RSD link (EditURI link)
  • Remove Shortlink
  • Remove Prev/Next links
  • Remove hardcoded styles for recent comments
  • Remove Emoji styles and scripts

Feed Clean Up

Clean up your head from the feed links and redirect them to the home page.

HTTP Response Clean Up

  • Remove Shortlink from HTTP headers
  • Remove X-Pingback from HTTP headers
  • Remove X-Powered-By from HTTP headers


  • Remove WP API links and scripts
  • Remove WP API link from HTTP headers
  • Totally disable WP API feature

Comments Clean Up

  • Remove website field
  • Remove notice text before comment form
  • Remove URL from comment author’s name
  • Disable auto linking

Archives and Attachments Redirect

You can redirect unused archives to the homepage to avoid these pages indexing and potential content duplication. Also this plugin allows creating redirect from an attachment page to the parent post page to avoid indexing attachment pages.
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