Shopify to Woocommerce plugin (WooCommerce)

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Shopify To Woommerce Migration Plugin


Imports all the Shopify customers, categories, products along with options as variations, images etc and orders into woocommerce and earn money using your own ecommerce website.


  • Imports customers along with address and customer information.
  • Imports all the shopify categories(custom collections)
  • Imports all the products with images, options as variations.
  • Imports all the orders
  • It also support importing single category/customer/product/order with their associated shopify store id.


Extract the plugin which contains

  • documentation folder
  • you can install from wordpress admin->plugins->add new->upload the After installing activate from plugins. You can also install from file structure. Extract, copy and paste all the files in the folder wordpress-installation-folder/wp-content/plugins. After adding all the files, Activate it from wordpress admin plugins tab.

    How It works:

    In wordpress admin after activating the plugin, you will be seen wooshopify in left panel with tabs.

  • Api Keys
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Api Keys:

    To import all the data from Shopify to wordpress woocommerce, you need three keys from shopify my shopify domain, api key, password. To get these fields login to your shopify store and navigate to Apps and click on private apps. create private app then you will get api key, password and secret key. Myshopify domain prifix with your domain name. ex:

    Importing data:

    To import customers/categories/products/orders select the respective tab and selec the type you want to import. To import by id select bu id and insert shopify id and click on import. to import all select all and click on get data. And then it will immport all data.

    Orders will not be imported without importing product. Hence to import orders, import products first.

    Follow the order as categories, customers, products, images, orders for better results of importing

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