Slylinks for WordPress (WordPress)

Slylinks for WordPress is the newest and the best WordPress plugin for creation, protection and controlling links on your WordPress sites.

If content is king, then link, no doubtly, is queen.

Everything in the Internet that we have access to, we get via hyperlinks. And if your links are under your control, you control your online business.

The Slylinks is better suited for this purpose than any other plugin which you could see before.

  • For Technical optimization
  • SEO improving
  • Site Security
  • Protection of links and downloadable files
  • Digital and Affiliate Marketing
  • Site Conversions improving

Protect and optimize your WordPress site

All «sly» links that are created in the plugin, are internal links, that does not allow to flow the weight of your pages to external resources and, conversely, increases their weight, creating the effect of internal linking.

And thanks to the «404 Log», which records all erroneous queries to your site, you have the opportunity, first, to correct links to the missing or lost files or pages,that improves the loading speed of your site (one of the most important ranking factors), and, secondly, to «calculate» malicious queries designed for identifying vulnerabilities of your site with the aim to hack it.

There are several tools in the plugin to do it:

  1. You can control your links outside your site (control of referral sources) – action of links is allowed only for certain domains (sites) or even specific pages. If such a link will be published on the site are not included in this list, link will not operate.
  2. Auto Modification of links («Chameleon-randomizer») – link is automatically modified at regular intervals, thus it continuously works only on your site – this is another kind of protection from unauthorized dissemination.
  3. Monitoring the status of users – logged in / not logged in. Link may work only for logged in users on your site, and you can set additional restrictions, indicating a minimal user role – subscriber, editor, etc., allowing him to use this link. You can use custom roles created by other plugins too.
  4. Monitoring registered user activity. If link with this option will be copied from your site and posted anywhere outside of it – i.e. without your consent, you can determine which of your users has copied this link.
  5. Any link can be lifetime limited.
  6. You can limit the number of clicks on any link – both general and specific to each visitor personally (e.g. the link can be really one-off to each visitor or registered user). These options – a great tool for creating a «deficit» when you make your audience for a limited supply, which significantly increases the conversion.

All of these protective options you can use both for links leading to web pages and for downloadable files – moreover, the files can be located not only on your same site (hosting), but in any remote storage such as Amazon S3 or the these – where you can get a direct link to a downloadable file.

For any «sly» link you can specify a spare URL – the address of the page, where the visitor is redirected in the event of unauthorized attempts to open the link, or when the restrictions imposed on it, enter into force.

And when you indicate as a spare URL, for example, your landing page or sale letter page, thanks to this option, all your valuable links (for example, to download gifts, lessons, etc. for your customers or subscribers), laid out in a network without your consent, instead of the obvious harm bring tangible benefits, on full automatic replenishing your subscription and customer base!

Your Affiliate Marketing without the «pitfalls»

  • You can not be afraid that your affiliate links will be deliberately altered.
  • Your affiliate links are securely closed from indexing by search engines.
  • And in just one click you adjust the output of your partners websites in your domain through an iFrame or the «pass-through» feauter, or make pseudo-redirection via meta refresh (as affiliate marketing guru used to do) – or just redirect your visitors to the partner website.
  • You need not worry about any special http-headers and other obligatory for safe forwarding things – all this provides the plugin.
  • At the same time you always have at hand accurate statistics.
  • Any link is created in a few seconds – you will save a lot of time.
  • All redirections are reliable in terms of search engine optimization – you are not afraid of sanctions of search engines.
  • You have full control over your affiliate links and you can easily increase their clickability, experimenting with design and conducting split testing, creating different versions of links to the same affiliate product.
  • If you participate in some kind of a temporary affiliate action, it is possible to program call forwarding to any other page or site, which will fire upon the action completion or to program appearance of special text message, instead of the affiliate link – and now you can not worry about your forgetfulness – there is no need to remove the link from the site, or to correct it manually, as it will never become broken.

Analyze it! to earn more

Critically important in today’s digital marketing is using of special UTM-tags in your links.

In the Slylinks you can configure UTM Parameters for any of your links and be able to track every step of your promotional campaigns via the Google Analytics, evaluate their performance and optimize to improve earnings.

The statistics module of the plugin tough weeds referrals robots, making the most accurate statistics, and displays for you not only the number of clicks on each link, dividing them into unique and not unique – that is, repetitive, but it also provides detailed information about visitors:

  • The referrer (the page where click was made).
  • IP-address of the visitor with the ability to view information associated with it.
  • The visitor’s browser.
  • The visitor’s device.
  • The visitor’s operating system.
  • Geolocation displaying source click on the contour map (thanks to the geoPlugin).

Also, you can see the ranking referral sources, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of a particular advertising platform, website or webpage, where you place you links.

Make a profit «out of the blue»

Get benefits from erroneous traffic

And what about to receive real benefits in the form of subscribers and more sales from erroneous traffic coming to your site?

In the Slylinks plugin you can set your 404 page to convert this «garbage» traffic into useful traffic!

Same as processing plant wich makes new crispy banknotes from wastepaper!

Monetize your content (and old content too)

To your old posts do not hung a dead weight on the site, the plugin have the option of mass replacement of key phrases on the «sly» links.

Create a link leading to your landing page or sale letter page (your own or affiliate), enter keywords that need to be replaced on this link and just click a button.

You will be surprised when almost out of nowhere on your bank account will come some extra money!

In addition, in the such way you strengthen internal linking of your pages, which positively affects its ranking in search engines.

Great opportunities – easy to use

The plugin is well documented: Slylinks Quick Start Guide.

Besides it, each option in the plugin is provided with its own quick tip – you do not have any difficulties setting up the required functionality for your links and its understanding.

Let`s take a look at all the plugin features

  • Cloacking of links.
  • Three formats of links:
    1. normal (with the “virtual directories” of the form “go”, “get”, “link”, “buy”, “ree”, “file” etc. – like )
    2. with numeric id`s – like
    3. with hash id`s – like
  • The «virtual directories» could be own-created in unlimited quantities with the use of any words or removed by your wish.
  • All created links are internal.
  • Redirection types: 301, 302, 307, meta refresh or objective URL can be shown in iFrame or via «pass through» feauter (showing other web-page from the same or other domain with no iFrame).
  • Working with the direct links (without redirections) with the ability to use almost all the available plug-in monitoring functions and statistics.
  • Categories (groups) of links.
  • Moved documents with different rules of determining the source (document that is beeing moving), including using regular expressions (for patterns in the URL) – is used to solve the problem of non-existing pages and files (broken links).
  • Prevent indexing of links (noindex, nofollow, javascript-generation – that is the absence of link, as such, in the body of the document, even though it acts as a link.
  • Protection features:
    1. user status control (logged in / not logged in);
    2. control of the user’s role (the subscriber, editor, etc.) – including custom roles;
    3. control of the links outside your site – the link will only work when it is placed on your approved sites / pages;
    4. tracking users (the definition of a particular user, which is laid out your link on the public without your consent);
    5. auto-modifications of links at specified intervals (randomizer) to avoid their unauthorized distribution.
    6. Limiting the lifetime of links to a specific date (with time zone settings).
    7. Limiting the number of clicks – both general and specific to each visitor.
  • Spare URL – fires when the current limitations or the protective function of a link enter into force, redirecting visitor to the specified for such cases URL.
  • Monetization of erroneous queries (the ability to redirect visitors, coming to your blog by links leading to non-existent pages, to any other URL – landing page or sale letter.
  • Control of downloadable files – various options for restricting access to files for download and statistics.
  • Statistics on each link: referrer, ip, browser, device, operating system, geolocation to display the source of click on the contour map, theuser name (if logged in), unique / non-unique clicks, bots filtering – transitions of robots not taken into account.
  • General statistics with rated referral sources.
  • Statistics of erroneous queries (the 404 log) with advanced algorithms to identify bots and malware detection among them.
  • Hidden UTM Parameters for Google Analytics in any link (seen only in the target url).
  • Auto (but not spontaneous) keywords replacement in posts / pages on the «Sly» links – with fine-tuning the criteria and with the ability to reverse the replacements of links to ordinary words – if the result of a sudden are not satisfied.
  • QR-codes for created links.
  • Various links appearance (design): plain text links in the style of site or colored text links with different uderlines and typography (8 custom fonts).
  • Cloning the links (faster creation, split-testing etc.).
  • Shortcodes (manual or via the text editor button while creating/editing posts or pages).
  • Quick help for any option inside the plugin.
  • Visual Composer Integrated

Steps to Install:

  • Download ZIP file from Envato after purchasing.
  • Upload to WordPress, activate the plugin.
  • Save you preferencies.
  • Enjoy the plugin!


Web hosting with PHP 5.2+ and MySQL, WordPress 3.9+

Multilanguage Ready

The Slylinks plugin comes by default in English and Russian (with POT-file). If you want to translate the plugin in any other language, simply create a translation file or manually translate it with a multilanguage plugin.


  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Switch
  • DataTables
  • AmMap
  • geoPlugin
  • Browser Capabilities Project
  • JS Color picker
  • jQuery FriendURL plugin
  • jQuery DateTimePicker plugin
  • Google Fonts
  • Ufonts

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