SNIPR – Visual Code Manager for WordPress (Utilities)

wp sniper visual code editor

Visual Code Manager – Speed up your coding!

Coding has never been easier! The Visual Code Manager helps you create any kind of project with ease. Instead of wasting time creating default setup code for your project, Snipr now handles all basic elements for you! That way you just need to focus on what’s really important.

Another amazing Snipr feature is the option to share your code online, open source or private. Today teams need the ability to work together dynamically. They need a place to centralize all code, files, documents and keep everyone focused on what matters. Wherever you are located keep working together on the same files, help each other and See exactly what your team is working on any time of the day!

Work Faster! Use Templates

Snipr already includes multiple default project templates. Need a child theme for your website? 1 click and you have all the files you need. WordPress Plugin? 1 click and your up and running. No more setup delay time, Just focus on your own code and your own ideas!

Just Starting?

No Coding Experience is needed! Together with Snipr you can create any kind of project and learn coding along the way. Snipr already knows multiple coding languages and has predefined code available. So you only have to click, drag and drop it into place. If you have trouble you can easily share your code online and allow anyone to work on your project files from wherever they are.

Want More?

So does Snipr! Snipr is super passionate and wants to know more! Use his API and help him learn new languages, create extra add-ons, add more templates, … the sky is the limit, together we can make coding even easier and earn some coffees on the go!

Visual Composer Ready

Add code snippets to your website. Create documentation or API’s. It all get much easier together with the Vidual Composer. Snipr has its code integrated and allows you to use it with Visual Composer.
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