Sponsorship Manager (Miscellaneous)

Sponsorship Manager is a full featured WordPress plugin for managing and displaying the sponsors for your event.

Sponsors can be displayed in list form or in a logo ticker anywhere in your theme using widgets and shortcodes.

The sponsors may be displayed in list or slider form, using a widget or shortcode:

  • slider [swp-sponsors style=”slider”]
  • list [swp-sponsors style=”list”]


  • Easy installation
  • Responsive displays
  • Unlimited sponsorship levels and sponsors
  • Specify company name, link, bio and logo for each sponsor
  • Drag and drop ordering of sponsors and levels
  • Display anywhere on your site using the short code or widget
  • Display as a list or in a logo slider
  • Configurable image box size
  • Configurable slider speed and spacing
  • Use your theme’s default styles to seamlessly integrate into your website

Display Options

  • Enable/disable sponsor titles
  • Enable/disable bio
  • Filter by level, with or without level titles

Slider Features

Uses the popular bxSlider script for the sponsor logo ticker:

  • Responsive
  • CSS transitions
  • Configure your speed and logo spacing

Options for Shortcode and Widget

  • style: “slider” or “list”. Default is list.
  • levels: comma separated list of level slugs. Default is to display all levels.
  • sponsor_titles: true to display sponsor titles, false otherwise. Default is true.
  • bio: true to display sponsor bio, false otherwise. Default is true.
  • level_titles: true to display level titles, false otherwise. Default is true.

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