Stern taxi fare for Woocommerce (Miscellaneous)

Stern taxi fare

Fare calculator is an utility plugin to allow taxi companies to give an option to their customer to calculate taxi fare before taking a ride. Customer can pay online thanks to Woocommerce plugin.


It is compatible with all woocommerce options. Hence customer can pay via VISA, Paypal, paycheck, cash.. VAT can also be included.

We have several years of expertise in developing auto dispatching taxi system with mobile and web interface. The purpose of this plugin is to assist companies related to taxi business to allow their customers to calculate the ride fare.

Customer can pay online thanks to Woocommerce plugin.

Use shortcode [stern-taxi-fare] to display and use the plugin wherever you want in the WordPress environment for WordPress.

Stern taxi fare plugin for WordPress is very simple and powerful plugin.



  • check if Woocommerce is installed before activated this plugin
  • button Show/hide a map in the form
  • Option in backoffice to show or not map in form
  • Option in backoffice to show or not map in checkout
  • Bootstrap validator for the main form
  • Select country to show on the map
  • Add manually ApiGoogleKey in back office
  • choice in admin to empty WooCommerce cart before using taxi form
  • choose background color in admin
  • choose in back office how many seats are available
  • Choose in back office template form to show
  • select Ajax loader picture
  • Set a minimum fare in back office
  • show or hide labels in form
  • Currency symbol inherits from WooCommerce
  • Chose to show pickup-time in form or in order woocommerce section
  • Edit text of the ‘book now’ button in backoffice



Install woocommerce plugin first! Copy the plugin in plugin folder and then activate it from the admin side. After installation please add short code [stern-taxi-fare] on your website page for displaying the fare calculator.

Use woocommerce to configure financials data like, VAT, currency, type of payment.



Front office

Inline Preview Image_590_300


With pick up date

select date


choose type of car

choose type of car


Order Woocommerce Page


Pickup time


Back Office Main settings Screen


Back Office Car Type settings Screen


Back Office WooCommerce order screen


Stern Taxi Fare

Inline Preview Image

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