Tags add-on for UserPro (Add-ons)

Note: This is an addon. You must have at least UserPro V2.63 or higher to use it.

Tagging is a way by which you can group or classify the users in your member directory. Users can thus identify similar people under the same tag. For instance, all marketers can be grouped under the ‘Marketing’ tag. UserPro Tag addon lets users add a tag to their profile. This lets other members find users under the same tag.

The Essentials
  From backend admin can add tags field anywhere in the ‘Registration Form’ or ‘Edit Profile’ section.
  Users can select the tags created by Admin, on their profile or while registering.
  When the tag is hovered over, a description can be dispalyed on the user’s profile. This description is optional.
  Tags can be displayed on profile form in main profile area or in profile header area.
  Allows members to see all users on the member directory when they click on a tag.

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