VG WooCarousel – Product Carousel for WooCommerce (Products)

This plugin will help you to show more products of WooCommerce in beautiful responsive carousel slider. It has options for setting the pagination/sliding speed, enabling/disabling autoplay, showing bullet navigation and more.

Also, it is possible to define the number of items to be shown on desktop, tablet, mobile separately and VG WooCarousel will handle that automatically. It supports responsive design and works well on touch devices.

You can use this plugin to show specify products from one or more category, you also can choose to show Featured Products, Latest Products, Order Products or On Sale Products. You can use this plugin for all kind of shopping website, you will be happy with this plugin.

Need support?! We have a dedicated support center for all of your support needs. It includes our Documentation, Community Forum and an advanced Ticket System for any questions you have. We usually get back to you within 14-16 hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Plugin Features:

  1. Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  2. Enable/Disable Touch Swipe by Finger/Mouse.
  3. Unlimited carousel anywhere by use Shortcode, PHP Code.
  4. Query post from Latest Products, Older Products, Featured Products or On Sale Products.
  5. Control Number of Product display in a Row and a Column.
  6. Control Data will display in carousel like: Product Name, Product Image, Product Rating, Add to cart button.
  7. You can set background color, item background color, text color, link color, button color.
  8. You can create new theme, override theme on your wordpress theme.
  9. And much more features. Please check live demo to see more!

Plugin Requires:

  1. WordPress 4.0 or higher
  2. WooCommerce 2.3 or higher

Change logs:

 #####VERSION 1.0 - September 19, 2015##### - First release. 

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