Visual Attributes – WooCommerce Variable Products (WooCommerce)


Visual Attributes is a WooCommerce extension that enhances variable products replacing the attribute dropdown with images, icons and color swatches so you can pick each attribute by clicking on a visual, descriptive element.

Enhance the user experience in your store by giving them the ability to just point and click visual elements instead of clicking the attribute menu, read the attributes and only then select the desired one.

Visual Attributes is also good for mobile devices since your users can just tap the element instead of launching the disruptive select interface in iPhone and Android.

Adding Visual Attributes

You can add images, select icons and specify colors right in WooCommerce Product Data panel. The panel is completely integrated with product custom attributes and taxonomy attributes.


  • Use images, icons and color swatches to select product attributes in variable products
  • Font icons for crisp visualization in retina or other high density display
  • Choose from Genericons or Font Awesome icon libraries
  • Specify to show visual attributes only on mobile, desktop or both
  • Supports custom product attributes and taxonomy attributes
  • Easily customizable through visual controls
  • Write custom styling directly in the plugin settings to have your settings always safe during updates.
  • Enter custom JavaScript directly in the plugin settings and keep them safe during updates.
  • Developers can benefit from the JavaScript events included
  • Fully translatable
  • Complete spanish translation included
  • Good documentation and prompt support

Access the support forum

Assistance is provided exclusively through the support forum.

Support forum

If you need help, come to the support forums!

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