Visual Composer Toolbox (Add-ons)

Visual Composer Toolbox allows you drag and drop any shortcode/element to Visual Composer from Toolbox dialog.

With Visual Composer, you need 3 steps to add an element:

  • Click Add element button to open Element popup.
  • Select element to insert to page.
  • Edit settings and close Settings popup.

With Toolbox: only one step

  • Drag and Drop any shortcode/element to VC editor.

You will save a lot of time each when design your page/post.

Also, you can drag and drop any Template Elements saved by Save Load Element Add-ons

Don’t forget to check Video & Screenshots Preview to see all features.

Features list:

  • Drag & Drop any shortcode to Empty Page of VC editor.
  • Drag & Drop any shortcode above or below any Row/Row inner.
  • Drag & Drop any shortcode to Column/Column inner.
  • Show / Hide Toolbox is possible via button settings.
  • Toolbox is is draggable jquery and keep fixed position on page.

Compatible Add-ons:

Change Log

Version 1.1 – 10.09.2015

 - Fixed show/hide behavior with VC Editor. - Updated decode function for template element (Save Load Element Add-ons) 

Version 1.0 – 07.09.2015

 - First release version - Drag & Drop any shortcode to VC Editor - Support all 3rd party shortcodes  - Support Template Element (Save Load Element Add-ons)  

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