Voltar – Radial Menu for WordPress (Menus)

Sick and tired of all the regular blocky menus? Wanted to try something different, but never got a chance to? That’s where Voltar comes in. A slick radial menu the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before (not on a website, at least) made through the use of technologies that HTML5 provides, with the help of a powerful script KineticJS (more info on http://www.kineticjs.com ).

Advantages of using Voltar:

  • Never lose track of your menu, since it will always stay on top of your page
  • No more need for boring scrolling to the top of the page to get to your navigation menu
  • Easy to summon with a click of the mouse or a press of the button
  • Easy to set-up, just create a menu, save the Voltar settings, and voila, you’re all set
  • Highly customizable, set the menu radius, ring size, font color, size or family (with Google Fonts included!), and different hover colors
  • Be different from your competition

For information on setting up the menu, check the Preview Screenshots. For a live demonstration of the plugin, check the Live Preview. If you need the documentation, you can find it here.

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