walmart to woocommerce affiliate (WooCommerce)

Walmart Affiliate


Walmart affiliate is used to import products from walmart to your woocommerce site. One can import products based on keyword search, Using walmart item ids and also with products upc code.

Earn Commission by redirecting to walmart from your woocommerce site using walmart affiliate link share id.

Demo Site


To work with walmart affiliate,the requirements you need are:

  • woocommmerce site
  • Walmart developer app id
  • walmart publisher id(walmart affilitate id)

Walmart Developer App id

To get walmart app key you need to register at and create application.

Walmart Publisher Id

To get Linkshare publisher id you need to register at and walmmart as an advertiser.

The Affiliate ID is a unique 11-character alphanumeric code tells Rakuten LinkShare exactly which publisher the click came from (it is sometimes referred to as the Encrypted ID or tracking ID). Your Affiliate ID can be found on the Publisher Dashboard by selecting Links, clicking on one of your advertisers, selecting a link type from the box at left, and then clicking Get Link.The eleven-character code following id= is your affiliate ID.


Extract the plugin which contains

  • doc folder
  • you can install from wordpress admin->plugins->add new->upload the After installing activate from plugins. You can also install from file structure. Extract, copy and paste all the files in the folder wordpress-installation-folder/wp-content/plugins. After adding all the files, Activate it from wordpress admin plugins tab.

    How It works:

    In wordpress admin after activating the plugin, you will have three options in walmart affiliate.

  • advance search
  • csv import
  • configuration
  • Configuration:

  • app key: which you can get from walmart develper id.
  • publisher id: It is Linkshare publisher id. you can obtain from>myadvertiser->any links
  • Select all the appropriate product settings like product status, product type, product visibility, buy buttonn text(text to diplay in frontend on button), add to cart->yes is to redirect to walmart cart page and No to redirect to walmart product page
  • Category setting: Select the category to assign to all the importing products. And also import walmart category will import the category fromm walmart site and assign it to respective imported product
  • configuration Advance search:

    To import using advance keyword search, enter the keyword you want to search for and select the category fronm which you want to import. The searched results will be shown in a wordpress table. Select the product you want to import from the table list and choose the bulk action and click on apply. Then the selected products will be impoorted to your woocommerce site

    advancesearch Csv Import:

    Using CSV import you can import with walmart item ids or product upc code.

  • Enter All the walmart item ids in the text area by nextline or comma seperated or tab separated and then choose the delimiter you enter for item ids. And then click on import to import all the products with item ids
  • Enter All the UPC codes in the text area by nextline or comma seperated or tab separated and then choose the delimiter you enter for UPC codes. And then click on import to import all the products with upc
  • csv immport Imported products:

    You can check the imprted products in products tab

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