Widget Customizer for WordPress (Widgets)

Widget Customizer is a simple WordPress plugin which will enables you to style your own widgets in seconds! Colorize your widgets, set their background color, title color, text and links, with or without borders. Create awesome looking widgets is very simple! Just drag the Widget Customizer before the desired widget you wish to style and just setup the basic colors. Save your preferences and see the results. That simple and effective!

Widget Customizer Screenshot Widget Customizer in action. Setup these basic settings and voilĂ !

Everybody needs a Widget Customizer!

Improve your site in seconds! Get that important stuff to stick out. Users visiting your site will notice the unique styled sections.

Widget Customizer is awesome!

Compatible with all WordPress themes! Simple controls, but very effective results. Highlight that newsletter signup form that sits unnoticed in your sidebar.

Grab your copy today!

Don’t hesitate, you’ll love the Widget Customizer plugin for WordPress. Colorize your footer elements and get creative results.

Widget Customizer Support

Support is provided via Item comments. Thank you for using Widget Customizer!

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