Woo-Commerce 2.1.+ 2Checkout Payment Gateway (WooCommerce)

Compatible with Woo-commerce v-2.1.+, WordPress 3.8.1 and tested successfully with Woo-commerce v-2.1.5

Woo-commerce 2.1.+ extension WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate 2Checkout Payment Gateway.

This plugin will create an additional payment option among the available payment options (PayPal, Cash,..etc..). 2Checkout will remain the best payment solution for international merchants, where Paypal is not available.

Using this plugin, the user will be redirected to a high secure 2Checkout Payment page, then after paying, the user is redirected to the thank you page, where he will be given a link to download the bought product or shipping code, depending on whether your product is tangible or no.

The products name, description, quantities along with the customer name, address, email etc.. are all passed to 2Checkout page, to make the payment easier. Kindly read the readme.txt file for a small tip about shipment integration.

You can install this plugin just as you install any other WordPress plugin.

Kindly write a review, or contact us for any support needed.

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